25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres vs Bayern Munich Away 11-12 By xtorres9comps

  1. why should we suit to him. that what i don’t understand. place drogba in any team and he will adapt. torres is labelled ‘world class’ he should be able to adapt. form is temporary (torres) class is permanent (drogba)

  2. He is speaking spanish I think because the referee can understand spanish. He probably says “se falta puta!” -> Yellow card :/

  3. Well, with the Drop going and endorsing Torres as the man, Fernando has nothing else to worry about. It’s his time to shine he will now get the chance (or fail?) Drog was always going to be hard to replace. Can you compare Torres and Drog? Well Drog was proven as a reliable goal scorer over a longer period – 8 years. If Man U had a man like that you bet they would have secured the Premiership. The man DD is a legend and it will take some time to upstage him. That said I wish Torres all the best!

  4. He should have started but Kalou and Bertrand would be more willing to track back. It’s not that Torres can’t do it, he just doesn’t have the know how (as a no.9), to track runners from midfield. It was highly distressing to see him leave Liverpool but he seemed to sense that the club was in transition and that he had to go to further his career. You don’t get nights like that by finishing in mid table and so much time has passed now, that he should really just have everyone’s best wishes.

  5. My first time seeing Torres hug Drogba . I dont think torres is unhappy . News media likes to create stories . Just because torres said he is disappointed , media reporters twist the words to make it sound different

  6. he has been playing great for the past 2 months with great assists as well. I don’t think he ask for more should have at least put him right on the 2nd half but you know the rest. What (Big) IF he’s not given the chance at all like in the FA Cup final ???

  7. because he’s a striker and not defender. should have attack more and defend when necessary. not all the time defend. this time lucky enough with that style, not next time, if any.

  8. Yes,chelsea have never won a CL without fernando torres.He should start in the champions league final. Chelsea didn’t start attacking until they sub him in.

  9. Granted, the Bayern players were exhausted by the time Fernando came in but he really did some good job at creating opportunities, if we would’ve entered earlier it would have been a differente game, i’m not saying chelsea would win comfortably but there would’ve been more goals

  10. no he didn’t..he actually was the first man to go to RDM and said he wants to take the penalty and is confident..!!Should have backed him,,But RDM didn’t let him..!!one sad thing out there..!!but still look at the way he celebrated after that,,,just got to show how this man put the team and the fans supporting always first before his self interest..!!

  11. For whatever time he played,,he played his heart out,,it was the corner he earned single handedly in which we equalised..!!he made a few counter attacks as well in such short sapn of time,,,I wish he would have started For Us instead of bertrand..!! Honestly,,he deserve to start in the finals..!!because we shouldn’t forget that it’s his with his contribution in the form of goals and some massive assists,,unselfish one’s that we are here now..!!ans still he puts the team first everytime..!! PROUD

  12. He did not refuse, he actually wantet to take a penalty but RDM dident let him, that is why he was dissapointet after the win and said in was the biggest dissapointment in his career to not start and not even take  a penelty.

  13. the first one is ‘breathe slow’ – alesha dixon but it’s probably a remix or so
    the second one is jennifer lopez – on the floor

  14. I reckon if Fernando Torres had started, there would have been more goals… Just look at all the opportunities and effective runs he had made with the somewhat short time he had of the game .. I really think he is going to shine next season. Thumbs up if you agree!

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