24 thoughts on “Juan Mata and Fernando Torres post Bayern Munich match interview (19/05/2012)

  1. it is really unprofessional to bring about “torres had to start or comin as a sub”, it could make him a little confused 🙁

  2. The problem is that they have people to supply him, but they don’t pass the ball to him. They need to buy more unselfish people like Mata and Lampard. People who want to win, not just make goals.

  3. I also think he should leave Chelsea unless they get players that will provide him with the service. Majority of Chelsea players are selfish who won’t let him find his best in Chelsea.  He’s being wasted in Chelsea at the moment.

  4. It’s like buying a Ferrari and driving it like a fiat. Fernando Torres is a lone striker who needs support from his wingers and his midfielders. When he was in his prime at Liverpool more than half his goals were scored by leaving the defense flat footed.if Chelsea can buy a few more players to supply el niño with those passes Chelsea has a great chance of winning the treble next season. He’s a player who can change a game on his own. Fuck the Fernando Torres haters. If it weren’t for him Chels

  5. actually many chelsea fans love him and supported him through his tough times. he even said it himself how he appreciated the support he got from chelsea fans. you shouldnt insult people like that especially when you dont know the facts

  6. He needs to go back to his country where his friends and family are. It’s funny how people said he sucks that he was drop off from the Spanish squad , but what do you know he is on the squad again. I wonder why? He must really suck.

  7. I really hope Torres leaves Chelsea. Hopes he leaves the English league for good. The only reason I watch Chelsea play was because of Torres. You English pricks don’t deserve him. I don’t care how much they paid for him. Too many people on Chelsea who want to be stars. They hated on him when he miss that goal against Man U, but shit what about the miss Ramires made right at the line where the ball went right through him. That to me was alot worse then Torres miss. He needs to go back to

  8. 18?

    LOL , are you Fernando himself, he only got 4 assists in the League.

  9. Torres was chelsea third or second highest scorer with second mosts assists (18)

  10. Chelsea ‘owe torres’?

    Are you having a laugh? He’s very lucky to have a Champions League medal given how terrible he’s been since he signed, more like he owes Chelsea.

    £50 million for 11 goals in 18 months, and Chelsea owe HIM? LMAO

  11. i love drogba but it is a known fact that he tends to swallow other strikers whole like anelka and he was doing it to torres
    but with the announcement of drogba leaving and the club confirming that torres is here to stay he will begin to flourish gurranted

  12. Chelsea won the champions league!! where is there the blame on english football???

  13. He’s not blaming any1. He also never said he wanted to start in front of drogba, he simply said he wanted to start, they could’ve both started, and i feel they both should’ve. And hes one of the most modest, non-agnorant players I’ve ever seen

  14. Sry but Chelsea have blamed the English football …. Bayern played better .. (sry 4 my bad English , i am german (and no .. i HATE Bayern)

  15. Apparently Chelsea have said that Torres is going nowhere even though he at

  16. Ungrateful, spoilt kid how on earth did he expect to start over Drogba who is Chelsea’s best player in finals over 7 years?

    He has been given plenty of opportunities, he started 6 of the first 7 games and didn’t his chances, plus he started the quarter-final last season against Man United ahead of Drogba and failed.

    It’s one thing to be an expensive failure, but another thing to blame others for it.

  17. Yes, the fact that nobody gives credit to him for that goal is disappointing. I feel sorry for him.

  18. he doesn’t get any service from his teammates and is being left out from the starting lineup in all big game. He barely got a run of 3 full 90 minutes this season, being benched or substituted constantly when he didn’t immediately start to score. His frustration is obvious. criticising di Matteo’s tacticsafter just winning the CL for the first time (We played all game with the handbrake on, looking like we couldn’t attack)

    He is created their first corner and they scored, they owe torres

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