25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres’ 81 Liverpool Goals 2007/2011 | QuickfireGoals Episode #7

  1. Even so, must be painful to know he’s done all this, yet can’t get off his £50million seat for the plastics

  2. the day he left i was literally broke, i couldnt sleep that night i cried all day, the next day i didnt go to work i spent all day watching his videos hoping one day he will return to liverpool, sometimes i watch him play for chelsea and i remember when he was the best liverpoool player and i start crying again because i know he will never play like he did in liverpool

  3. At least Torres went to a much better club! UCL and FA cup champions! Suck on that Liverpool

  4. Lol why are you guys arguing drog and torres both have the same style of play, so if Chelsea keep playing the way they did with droggba. Torres isn’t going to have any problems being in the starting XI. In my opinion, Chelsea should get rid of Sturidge, mikel, and kalou – and sign a quality winger, and a creative midfielder.

  5. So you’re a bandwaggon supporter and also jump to where the trophies are. Also you mixed that around. Liverpool players pass, Chel$ea players shoot because they are greedy, Drogba was one of the most selfish I’ve ever seen play and the same goes for Lampard, Torres is wasting his time and talent at a glory hounded club like that, here’s a fact, Gerrard and Liverpool made Torres because they ALWAYS passed to him, Chel$ea never pass because the midfield and forwards either shoot or pass to Drogba

  6. Liverpool is VERY different than Chelsea. First of all, don’t make an angry message because this message isn’t about Liverpool sucking because I honestly liked Liverpool first before I liked Chelsea (and I still do like Liverpool so forget about that bandwagon bullshit) Second Torres still plays almost exactly like he used to (for liverpool) The one difference is that Liverpool’s strikers go for goal, Chelsea’s strikers pass in the box, do give in gos and that kinda shit so go fornicate celery.

  7. good for him, but since he was traded to chelsea he is awful. look at drogba how amazing he was for them, scoring cluth goals. 9 goals in 9 finals! drogba is leaving, now lets see what torres can do. i wish him good luck because im a chelsea fan and i want him to bee good like he was with liverpool

  8. thats just sad that chelsea wont miss him..cause hes an amazing player..at liverpool he was better than drogba if he scored 81 goals in 3-4 years..

  9. everyone of those goals i had a smile on my face! just the way he went about leaving was out of order maybe it was the previous owners that drove him out! I couldnt see him coming back but a year on and he still isn’t happy so maybe he should come back!

  10. @AwesomeShamz A bigger budget spent on the likes of Carroll, downing, Adams, henderson etc haha money well spent

  11. Torres was the best at the game when he was at liverpool, one of the best players we’ve ever had maybe our best player 🙁 I WANT HIM BACK

  12. Torres was the best at the game when he was at liverpool, one of the best players we’ve ever had maybe our best player 🙁 I WANT HIM BACK

  13. I am a chelsea fan and i think he should go back were he belongs, no matter how much i like him he deserves to go back to liverpool and produce some magic

  14. Absolute legend. Sad to see him go to chelsea. But atleast we have a bigger budget haha

  15. His confidence is crushed at Chelsea, he publicly announced that he’s unhappy at Chelsea.. He’s been saying “I’ve felt things here that I’ve never felt before” etc… Whilst at Liverpool he felt at home because when Rafa signed him most of the squad was Spanish so he could relate to them, I feel bad for him and bored off all the criticism he gets.

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