25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Where is my mind

  1. Wzruszająca historia szkoda ,że prawdziwa. Mógł bym na ten film patrzec całymi dniami, Ale jednak w następnym sezonie jeśli taki będzie dla El nino pudzie mu o wiele lepiej niż teraz. Przewiduje powyżej 10 goli w sezonie, a w lidze mistrzów bardzo dobry rezultad przynajmniej finał ! CHELSEA. ! ♥

  2. LOL @ people saying Torres not being a huge part in the CL success of chelsea….lol…he scored the goal against Barcelona to take us to the finals….he assisted on the goal vs Benifica away..which was crucial goal 4 us to make it to the semis…!!! Then he came off the bench @ the final and made that corner all by himself in which Drogba scored…gave the team the belief…he earned it…that winners medal…!!!

  3. i feel sorry for him, only mata is the player that passes to him the most

  4. It’s true that winning Champions League is harder, but look at the way Torres won it. He was never really a huge part in winning it, therefore I think his greatest moment is the goal in the Euro final, when he was at his best. A week ago he said in an interview, that he was not happy at Chelsea.

  5. besides torres’ recent top form at chelsea, i believe red was always and will always be his colour.
    still i wish torres all the best for his next season at chelsea.

  6. i believe the CL is a bigger accomplishment because its a long process to win the final…you got many great clubs in the world that have a chance to win…like, Barca, Madrid, arsenal, man united,ac milan, inter, bayern, lyon, Chelsea, juventus, and napoli.and in the euro it is only teams like germany, , england ,italy. netherlands,and spain who are most likely to win it..his first hatrick vs QPR & barca goal,,,gave him a big boost and said he was happy.and Expect more now that drogba is gone.

  7. lol history is what footballs about son,you say living off history,and then say were going to create ours!hmm contradiction in terms there.

  8. Living off history and we gonna create ours.And player’s these day’s realize that Hazard,Hulk,Falcao and many others.Keep flatter yourself boy.

  9. Drogba is past now for Chelsea, perfect time for Torres to show his true abilities.
    Best of luck boy, for the next season.

  10. Another delude Looserpool fan.We give him love and trophies and what you.Burning his shirts,jokes and silly comments.Enjoy Europa League boy. :DDD

  11. You can’t compare 35 minutes in a CL final to the winning goal at the Euro’s. We all know that Torres isn’t happy. So I won’t shut up.

  12. he won the corner kick that led to drogba’s goal which tied the game in the CL final. Also he gave Chelsea a more attacking force in that game. shut up

  13. please a drogba tribute video, from his start at chelsea to the legend he is now!

  14. 1:56 i think it was the day torres will never forget, but still you are the future!

  15. He wasn’t the central striker at Chelsea. He had to play in the wings because Chelsea didn’t have a decent play maker that is quick enough to link up with Nando. Also when Mata plays behind Fer that’s when he shines but Chelsea’s build up doesn’t suit him. He’s changed his style of play to get the goals. Hopefully next season he’s able to get that asisstance if Chelsea do get Hazard so Mata stays central. Plus he lacked confidence, but slowly seeing a glimpse of El Nino that we know.

  16. Surely scoring the winner for spain was the best moment of his career

  17. You’re joking? He scored the winning goal at the Euro’s, that’s his best moment ever. He was never a huge part i Chelseas CL succes. Torres seems sad in Chelsea, he even said he is sad!

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