15 thoughts on “Fernando Torres vs Chile (World Cup 2014) HD 720p by MNcomps

  1. First. And I feel sorry for you. Doesn’t look like Torres will be playing
    for a while. I think be should vo back to Liverpool when Milan terminates
    his loan. Any thoughts?

  2. torres never give up
    we all believing you
    you are the best player and you now it

  3. Bro,please post Ronaldo vs San Lorenzo because I like Ronaldo aswell.Maybe
    for your last time post a Ronaldo vid #Please +MNcomps #YNWA Also please
    make a Back To Liverpool video of Torres greatest moments at AC Milan so
    far.I nearly forgot about that. #Sorry

  4. I always liked Torres but he isnt even getting playing time at milan. If
    hes not gonna play he should just retire early. Hes not what he was

  5. Okey,you sucsessful this job but Torres played badly this match.Why you try
    make a comp when Torres played well?

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