Chief of AC Milan Satisfied With The Team’s Performance

Fernando Torres was defended by the CEO of AC Milan, Adriano Galliani even though the striker has had really poor goal score since he joined Italy.

He has made only one goal for Italy in September against Empoli from all of the seven appearances that he has made for Series A after he arrived from Chelsea to San Siro.

Gilliani has confirmed that Fernando had been suffering from an injury in the angle for maximum time of the campaign and he also said that the contribution that Torres makes towards the team doesn’t get recognition. He commented that it is his ankle injury that has been holding him back

He also said that when a person is at the peak of his career, and such a thing happens, it takes some time to achieve the previous conditions. He likes Torres as he takes the right moves. If he was a selfish striker, he would have only gone for the ball but it was his run that protected his teammate from a defender. As per Galliani, Silvio Berlusconi, the owner of the club is very happy with the performance of the club in 2014-2015 campaign and rated the coach’s performance as 8 out of 10. He also rated the players a 7 out of 10.

He also said that Berlusconi is conveying positivity by giving a seven to the players and an eight to the coach and he gave the team advice about scoring more goals. He even told the players something that he had told Mario Balotelli relating to scoring and winning.

Milan is set to face Palermo on Sunday at San Siro after drawing the last six matches and Gilliani seems to be pretty much satisfied with their performance. He even said that they are away from Rome and Juventus by just six points which does give them a narrow line to cover.