25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres | Returning | 2012 | HD |

  1. Well he didnt score, but anyone could notice how much the team changed once he came on. Sure he didnt score 30 goals a season, but he’s so valuable. I really hope he gets his spot back on the spanish squad.

  2. first full season and he is a FA Cup winner already.That tells it all,its not about the money,its about trohpies and what he can achieve in his career.Liverpool should be thankful that he had carried them all the way until the day he left,

  3. Judas scum who let the whole of Liverpool down,Good luck to you having him if City come in and offer him £200k a week another kiss of the badge and ooooffffffsky down the M6 he will go. Another greedy bastard who sayes he loves the fans like me and you.

  4. Torres deserves his place in Chelsea. I think he will score the important goal against Bayern Munich in Champion’s league final , like against barcelona. I like this player, some people say “he isn’t a good football player, he is not the same one as in Liverpool in the past..” and i want to say to those people: “YES HE IS NOT THE SAME , HE HAS CHANGED AND HAS BECOME BETTER , I LOVE THIS PLAYER AND HE WILL BECOME ONE OF THE GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE WORLD!!!!” This video is just WONDERFUL!!

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