25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres’ 50 million pound goal vs Barcelona, 11/12 Champion’s League – 24/4/12.

  1. Haha yes yes true, Torres’ goal did not matter because Ramires had gotten them through, however it did save Chelsea the grief of risking extra time and penalty kicks.

  2. Hello Children!!!! Ramires goal was the only one that mattered. Stupid Torres couldn’t clear the ball as was lucky to have it drop from the Heavens at his feet. Good job putting it away ( FINALLY ) but his goal did NOT matter. It was just the icing on the cake for you Chelsea fans whom even though I am still angry at Barca, congratulate you and your team!

  3. It’s one of my top 2 favorite goals this season. Barcelona went down like a shit down the toilet. Torres owning Valdes, sealing Barca’s CL destiny was TOP. Second one was “Calma, calma” from CR7 at Camp Nou. Barcelona are cry babies.

  4. no the goal was very very important. we alrdy know Barca can score late goals and if they did we would be out. also the celebration took some time away giving us a better advantage. and it also meant chelsea kept their undeafeted streak against Barca at home. it also meant torres kept his scoring record against Barcelona.

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