23 thoughts on “Fernando Torres || Liverpool Memories || HD

  1. also chealse is the champion now, but i still want torres to leave, he deserves to play more

  2. chelsea team is retarded get back to the champions league finale in the last ten minutes he’s on the field.. retarded shit torres in a blue chelsea shirt is like a big tumor in a human body

  3. @Xeus355: this is one of the best videos on youtube hands down. good work. i’m still a fernando torres fan. i’ve reunited gerrard and torres on my fifa ultimate team

  4. exactly. he fit in with liverpool. gerrard and he had a connection. chelsea don’t use torres the right way.

  5. i hate those who calls Torres a bad player cause he does´nt score for Chealsea… it´s simplt because he does´nt fit in there….
    i would love to see him back in our red shirts!
    i still love you Torres <3

  6. Great Video flicks, they don’t make Spanierds like this no more, in the meantime I’m about to Smoke a Joint.

  7. Thank you so much for this video. Made me shed a tear.

    We need you. You need us. Please come home, we still love you! YNWA <3

  8. What happened to this bloke? One of the greatest strikers to have ever graced the premier league.

  9. Torres u must have realised tonight what big big big big mistake u made.. whats more important: be in a cl final without being part of the journey or having people around you who love you and get the best out of you.. if u stayed we would have been in the CL for sure bro..

  10. Torres hasn’t been this play for 2/3 seasons now, it’s time for you bin dippers to move on, besides, you have Queen Kenny! Wasn’t he going to bring the title to Ratfield?

  11. He was so good. In the air, left foot right foot. What he done to Liverpool was disgusting. But when Andy Carroll came on today in the fa cup final and scored, i think hes liverpools new number nine he has so much potential


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