24 thoughts on “[720P] [ENGLISH] Fernando Torres goal vs Barcelona 2012 Semi Final

  1. Torres is smart. He may not be able to score often but he knew that Chelsea would park the bus and clear. And since everyone in Barcelona went in the Chelsea half nobody would catch up to him

  2. im wondering what club is the “haters” mostly supporting??
    A: man utd
    B:man utd
    C:man utd
    D:man utd
    y u MU fans have no other favourite player than MAN UTD?

  3. You’re almost right there. However, Torres gains control of the ball just over the half way line. The reason he’s not offside is that when the ball was kicked up the pitch, Torres was still inside the Chelsea half. I know that’s what you meant, but I thought I’d point it out for any others scratching their head over this.

  4. becos u cannot be offside in ur own half. as u can see when the ball was played torres was in his own half. therefore nt offside.

  5. this may be stupid. but I’ve been wondering why that wasn’t offside. I’m a chelsea fan so I’m glad he scored but i don’t get it.

  6. torres : “i dont always score, but when i do, people keep saying i dont always score, but when i do, people keep saying…”

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