22 thoughts on “Fernando Torres || Dont Walk Through This Storm Alone, We’ll Carry You Home by mk46HD

  1. Only problem was at the time is we needed another world class striker partner for him then Suarez came along and Torres left and he fucked it up.

  2. At the minute, no-one wants Torres to fail at Chelsea as much as me, but I think that if he apologised and we could get him pretty cheap I would welcome him back. A Suarez Torres partnership with Gerrard feeding them both is one that would be feared across Europe. At Liverpool, with everyone’s support, he wouldn’t be long finding the net. Top 4 would be a minimum.

  3. just because you may not like ‘chelski’ doesnt mean theyre not deserving… but hey, theyre out of it now and the only hope is winning it all!

  4. 1 point off fourth and in the final? youre right, sounds like mission impossible

  5. Chelski won’t be in the Champions League either by the looks of it.

  6. i dont think he’d want to go back to not being in the champions league

  7. Fantastic video MK, this is going in my favourites!
    On Torres, no matter if he wins the Champions League(Which i doubt anyways because Bayern will fuck them up), he will always be remembered for his Liverpool days. I believe one day (If he hasn’t already) he will look back and regret turning his back on us. I hope he can return one day as he has unfinished business at Liverpool!

  8. i dont like liverpool or chelsea but he is a good player
    – manchester united fan

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