24 thoughts on “FA Cup Final 2012: Pick Didier Drogba over Fernando Torres, says Frank Lampard

  1. Gerrard’s been invisible for da past 3 seasons hes never won da league nd never will , lamps has won everything in club footie, he gets more goals and assists than sour puss stevie g every season , after p scholes hes englands most successful midfielder , he also assisted the drog in that final btw….Hes not overrated hes fuckin quality! and if u thin gerrard and gotze are better than xavi or iniesta your a fuckin retard who knows nothing about footie

  2. Lampard is shit and over rated hes not the best midfielder in the world, its either steven gerrard or mario götze

  3. What are you talking about!!!! He can shoot from any distance, amazing free kick taker, SUPER passer, best control, one of the best midfielders of the 21st century!!

  4. Yeah, Chelsea are probably training Lukaku to the extreme to be the next Drogba type of player. Big, strong and a critical aerial threat.

  5. Chelsea was build around the striker type of Drogba, Torres and Shevchenko were never meant to be for the team

  6. Some people move countries through life, should visit here its beautiful. You really feel the need to prove how big of an authentic ‘fan’ you are on a youtube thread? Are you 6?

  7. lol wont be mulling it over

    For the record I am one, so your whole spiel trying make yourself sound like fan #1 was a waste of time

  8. You call me an imbecile when you are the one that has severe reading problems. Mull it over, then you can apologise for being a glory hunting little shit. I bet you were born at least 500 miles from Liverpool too. Am I correct? My point stands high and mighty, us real football fans who have had season tickets since we could stand, were born in the boroughs we support and bleed football, I will respect, like I do the few Liverpool fans. If you’re one, then kudos, you’re one of the few.

  9. Smalling (who Atkinson gave a soft pen to Chelsea against last season for something 9out of10 times would be let go for Chelsea) was offside with the header but Hernandez should’ve had a pen when A.Cole injured him in the box & also 50milTorres missed open goal so can’t have too many complaints. But this season’s head2heads I wasn’t referring to anyway.
    3-3 was all Utd b4 the own goal & those2pens=Utd’s1st ever at SB in thePrem. The amount of stonewalls that have been turned down over the years.

  10. Yeah but from 2002-2011 Chelsea generally got very much the rub off the green against ManUtd regarding decisions.

    Also the 2 games this season weren’t going to change anything in Chelsea’s league season, they were still going to have a bad one. Where as that period of time Chelsea were often challenging for the Prem with Utd but needed a win & often were given it to make the race more interesting but it cost the title in 2009/10. Some games there were a series of bad decisions…not just a few.

  11. There’s definitely not another team on the planet that get the amount of decisions Chelsea get and they don’t just get them regularly at home, with Chelsea it’s also at away grounds and even at neutral grounds in big cup ties and in the big head-to-head league matches etc…it’s a joke.

    Chelsea’s 2 offside goals against Wigan who’s goal was legitimate….then they played Fulham away, get a wrongly awarded pen just b4 half-time…then ghost goal against Spurs..then oh i’ve ran out of characters

  12. hahaha, in next ten years, i will tell my children about liverpool history. and they said, did steven gerrard win the primier league ? HELL NO, i will say to them.

  13. still live their fantasy history? Fantasy involves imagination and the future whilst history is actual events that happened you idiot. Learn english and stop contradicting yourself.


  14. liverpool is shit. nuff said. still live their fantasy history.
    its all about money now. look man city ?

  15. You’re making no sense.

    If LFC fans say that to you what’s wrong with that? It’s called optimism. If no one believed, what would be the point in following any team?

    Yeah we haven’t qualified for CL again and yeah we’re probably a way off the prem title but these things go in cycles and we’re in a down time. ALL clubs go through them.

  16. Liverpool….liverpool…when are you going to learn…you can talk history all day long, yet we won the FA, and are playing the UCL final…but dont worry…at least you may clasify to the EL …OH NO WAIT….YOU CANT!

  17. wooo.. i wonder when liverpool will qualified the CL and win the premier league title ?
    every season i heard from liverpool fans, “its okay, next year will be our season”
    wow, i dont know that liverpool fans can think about future ? surprise surprise.

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