25 thoughts on “Barcelona – Chelsea 2-2 Goals & Highlights Fernando Torres ! 24.04.2012

  1. Uefalona is shit Hollywood cheaters not deserved nothing because they are shit football club with amateurs , liars , and thieves of the titles and Bayern M not deserved title because Real Madrid is robbed on both matches vs Munich. Chelsea bloody deserved because they fight vs Hollywood cheaters vs referees and vs corrupt Uefa. Congratulation so much for that Chelsea again. They are pride of London , and Barcelona is pride of corrupt Uefa. FORZA CHELSEA!

  2. in my whole lifetime i didnt see a team who won the cl title so undeserved O.o freaking unfair, barca or bayern deserved the title, not that old gramps

  3. 1:17…. un error GRAVISIMO???.. Que falto de reconocimiento del comentarista… dice que fue error del putete de Valdez… fue un GOLAZO PENDEJO COMENTARISTA de M1ERDA y si… tu BARZA SE FUE A LA FREGADA……

  4. Not a Madrid Fan but FUCK BARCA TO HELL. Abidal is okay though, I respect him.

  5. Barca is shame for the football. Uefa try help them but Chelsea without best defender win this thieves of titles , Hollywood cheaters and vs referee and vs UEFA = Chelsea win. Congratulations of fan of Real Madrid! We know all about this lairs and actors. Barca and Messi sucks the dick! Win Bayern at final , Chelsea deserved this title. Greeting from Real Madrid fan. Forza Chelsea tonight!

  6. If they could have they would have, as evidenced by United’s drubbing to Barca in the final last year. Champion’s League is the pinnacle and Wenger, Ferguson and Mancini would give anything to be where Chelsea are now.

  7. He will not score against Bayern lol, and I think Bayern have more desire to win, Ribery said he would even die that night to win..

  8. they could, but Chelsea was defending with 10 man, and other teams dont play as pussy as that, and Barca was just unlucky..

  9. you are retarded, atleast Barca gets players themselves, unlike Chelsea who just buy everyone..

  10. The academy of Barcelona lets out the most unsportsmanlike football players in the world. They play for money

  11. Академия барселоны выпускает самых неспортивных футболистов в мире. Thumbps up!

  12. @ 2:oo when Torres scored the spanish fan ofcourse barcelona sore fan you could read his lips saying to torres PUTA and i respond to him on behalf Torres and chelsea and all chelsea nation fans “TU MADRE PUTA” i saw it on TV live and wanted to comment on that freaking loser we are the champions…….Chelsea forever

  13. @16patie you can say anything you want but in the last 7 games Chelsea beat Barcelona twice. Before the semi final game, Barcelona (the team not the fans) knew that Chelsea were capable of beating them. They shit their pants. Enough.said

  14. you say everything you want, but everyone (except an chelsea fan) agree that chelsea plays like shit

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