24 thoughts on “AC Milan fans go wild as Fernando Torres arrives in Italy

  1. have they seen him play? If they have seen him play there is no way they
    would react with joy like this

  2. :-(Whyyyh Torres, whyyyyyy on earth did u do this!!! I was ur best fan
    because I’ve went to the stadium to see u every time u play!
    Plzzzz come back!!!!!

    Plz Torres
    Have some sense
    And come back to Chelsea!
    U made the best match draw by scoring against messi!
    Plzzzzzzz cooome baccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

    If u r a Torres fan then say #Torrescomeback!

  3. I do believe he’ll do well in Italy, I wish him the best of luck and hope
    that he regains form. The old Torres is gone but its not too late for him
    to be a great player. + he’ll be under Inzaghi, he can learn a thing or 2
    from him.

  4. Serie A has become the home for the rejects and elderly….

    Sad to see what’s happened to the strongest league during the 90s..

    Shame on the Italian FA.

  5. So nice to see him welcomed with open arms…literally…those Italians are
    not shy about expressing their approval with a hug or 2…hundred…GO
    GET’EM TORRES!!!!!!!!!

  6. i hope you will do good at milan because milan sucks and good luck and im a
    chelsea fan

  7. I hope you do good and bring back the form of Liverpool days when you were
    the best striker on the world 

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