Torres Still Affected By Drop Of Form

Fernando Torres and his dip of form still continues to affect him as the Spanish attacker was considered to be one of the best of the world back when he played with the Liverpool jersey when Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres were the main attacking forces behind the Premier League club but nowadays he is barely able to score goals at all.

The pre-season of Chelsea was a chance for Jose Mourinho and the new players of the new squad to play alongside each other and prepare themselves for the approaching season and Costa has already made his presence known by his teammates and supporters of the club after scoring goals against Real Sociedad and Olimpija but Torres was unable to do so.

Despite his consistent series of underwhelming performances, Torres is still being watched by his former club Athletic Madrid.

The president of Athletic Madrid, Enrique Cerezo unveiled some details involving Fernando Torres and the recent rumors that were linking theChelseaplayer with Athletic Madrid and he went on saying:

Cerezo said: “We can’t talk about Torres. He’s in another team at the moment. All of Athletic know that Torres has a home here. We expect some new signings, but we are not in a hurry. Of course regarding the offensive line: who makes the goals? The technical board is working on two signings.”

AthleticMadridis still willing to sign Fernando Torres back to the squad which is good news for the Spanish player who has a back-up option in case he is unable to perform at the level that is demanded by his coach and by the supporters of the club in this next season.

Didier Drogba sustained an injury during the pre-season match of Chelsea against Ferencvaros and the Ivorian forward is expected to be out of action and not able to play for around 5 weeks which means that Torres has the chance to step it up by doing something that has been demanded by him ever since joining Chelsea, score goals.