Chelsea striker Fernando Torres recently escaped a longer ban from the English FA after slapping Tottenham striker Jan Vertonghen in face. The striker was also given a second yellow card, which resulted in his ban for the match against Norwich. However, there is a danger of Torres missing additional three matches because referee Mike Dean did not punish him for the slapping incident. Torres was booked at that time, but it was for a foul on Vertonghen. Vertonghen was later found guilty of playacting in order to get Torres his second yellow card in the 80th minute.

After the match, Chelsea boss Mourinho said that it was in disgrace that players like Vertonghen are allowed to stay on the pitch when Torres gets sent off for not even touching the player. Mourinho did, however, accept that there was a danger of Torres missing the next four matches due to a suspension. The FA did not choose to furnish Torres for this incident, which has infuriated Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas. He has called the decision as a disgrace.

This was one of the best matches for Fernando Torres in a long time, but he was unable to last for the full 90 minutes. Mourinho consoled him while Torres was making the long walk back to the dressing room.

“I think the FA has made a decision almost a joke. It looks incredible. How can you see the images, pretty clear, and come out without punishment, on something [which] overtakes all professional behaviour? I think the decision is a disgrace. If the committee can’t solve such clear images I don’t think it sets out a good first example. I think the FA has lost all opportunity to put some sense into the images everybody saw,” said Villas-Boas.

Tottenham have made a great start to the Premier league season.