Diego Simeone has revealed that he has denied big transfer fees for a number of his boys as he doesn’t want to break the core-group he has built.

Simeone also admitted his mistake of making an emotional statement last month that he was going to have a look at the future options.

According to Simeone, he was just being emotional and not being ambitious while he said so.

Simeone’s added everything to his CV at Atletico apart from the European Cup which he has missed out at twice including last May and the disappointment of that was perhaps too much to keep inside.

Talking to Argentinean media, Simeone said, “Well, it was probably the emotions of that particular moment. I would put it down to that. You must always have the defeats in your memory because that’s what helps you put in that extra inch in the future preparations.”

“I can’t see any side in the world, apart from two-three sides which are blessed with better resources, to be as good as us. For us, improvement is a regular going process which will never stop.”

“We are very, very keen on making sure that we are always stronger than the past. There have been big-cash offers for the sale of many of the boys, but, we don’t mind taking a bit of a financial load so that the team’s core-group doesn’t get broken and all the vital people stay.”

One of the vital people at the moment for Atletico is Antoine Griezmann and they have done well to get him to ink an extension a couple of days back.

The Frenchman has been a hot property for the past 12 months and the Euro has not diminished his image a single bit.