First League Match Between Iniesta And Fernando Torres In Japan

Fernando Torres and Andrés Iniesta confronted each other on Saturday for the first time in the Japanese football league. The very first game of the league ended without any goals. The game had little emotions and it showed the bad time that the two Japanese teams live.

Iniesta and Sagan Tosu de Torres from Vissel Kobe had already confronted the two players on the 22nd of August in a 32-game round in the Emperor Cup in Japan, but today was the first meeting of the Japanese league. This was also one of the most awaited matches; the seats were all packed by fans.

And contrary to the friendly who ended up with a 3-0 victory for the Sagan to play at home and where the two Spanish players did not enter the starting lineup, they played today from the start, although Torres was substituted in the 71 minutes of the game. The battle that took place in Kobe (west) had created a great expectation for the duel between the two Spanish football players, although in both cases his role was not particularly prominent among other reasons due to the narrow mark of Iniesta.

The player who appeared was the German Lukas Podolski, by Vissel Kobe, who tried to hit the door several times, protecting Shuichi Gonda, including a shot 63 minutes into the match. With his usual number 8 on the back, Iniesta played the 90 minutes to try the Vissel Kobe offense and take advantage of the few options. His clearest shot came in from the right after 30 minutes, following a left footed shot from the left flank.

Torres, on the other hand, showed a little on the ground, and twenty minutes from the end he was replaced by Kyosuke Tagawa.