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  1. Oh sorry did i say country?

    NO i said CLUB. Spain is not a club. What had he won at Atletico, Liverpool or Chelsea when i wrote that comment? Nothing, thats what.

    In the 3 years leading up to his signing, LFC won the CL, then the FA cup then the community shield and got to the finals of the CL. we signed Torres, we won nothing. we sold Torres, we won a cup. see where i was coming from?

  2. Chelsea fan here.Flop they said.Well he is Champions League and FA Cup winner.He is big part of that succes we have and he is aswell our future.Long Live El Ňiňo always you’re fan.

  3. now you see he has the champ league!!! cunt don’t you remember the winner at euro finals!!! oh i see you don’t cause most dickheads never get to play the euro finals

  4. Who the fuck is this guy and why is he so popular in memes. Sorry people I’m not on Facebook.

  5. hi torres fan i have a question i wondering crazy now
    Fernando Torres Liverpool Time.mp4 << this is video 9:32~12:29 song name please help me please

    goal vs villa !! AMAZINGGG
    share it out !!

  7. I love Torres! He is awesome and love him for Chelsea! Yes many of us are disappointing he isn’t getting the goals for Chelsea like we want, of course we our, but he is class and a playmaker that is getting tons of assists, he deserves more and he will! And man he looked alittle different younger and he has had so many hair styles and advertisements, I love Torres! He will score more for Chelsea, I have hope!

  8. In a way i want chelsea to play barcelona in the semi-finals of the CL because he has such a good record against them

  9. What will Torres do if he scores?
    He will close playstation!
    I am kidding…Fernando Torres is one of my favourites football players.

  10. Come on Fernando Torres please score tomorrow against Tottenham i believe in you still!!!!!!!! 

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