Fernando Torres was all praise for Lionel Messi for the surreal goal

Fernando Torres was all praise for Lionel Messi for the surreal goal that the Argentinean came up with in the recent Barcelona versus Atletico game.

Messi’s goal helped Barca win 1-0 and with that, they were able to clinch the top tier title there in Spain.

According to Torres, neither of the two teams was dominating for an hour or so in that game. It was completely hanging in balance, but, all of a sudden from nowhere, there came a Lionel Messi special and it all tilted in the favour of Barca.

Torres was quoted as saying, “I think we had been having a pretty good time in the game until Leo magically found the net and gave them the lead. Things changed from there onwards.”

“When you play Barca, it’s important to take the opportunities which we failed to do and that proved to be quite hurtful at the end. However, if you ask me, I would say the way we played overall, it wasn’t that bad.”

When asked about his experience on returning to Atletico where he spent many years during his boyhood learning the art of the game, the striker said, “Playing in Liga is always nice because the competition is so intense and we have done well as a team of late, whether you talk about the last season or this one, there’s been consistency in our performance.”

“Of course when you are in a league with the world’s two top teams, you have to stay realistic as well at times. But, if you keep improving every season, you would be able to close the gap that exists and we have been trying to do that.”

Atletico had gone into the Liga 2014-15 Season as the defending champions, but, finished third in the table, 16 points behind Barcelona.