25 thoughts on “FERNANDO TORRES GOAL! Barcelona vs Chelsea Champions League Torres Goal – AWESOME REACTION!!

  1. This was amazing memory for me too, I watched it at home too, just amazing seeing us go to finals after this, was amazing! I love Chelsea I love when this happened, I had same reaction and loved it, I had my Torres Jersey on, but wow what a nice house. But we won Champions League and Champions of Europe! Love Chelsea and all fans!

  2. Nice ass house but where’s the fun if you don’t have other people to celebrate with?

  3. I wonder how his reaction was when drogba scored the winning penalty..

  4. I watched this thinking, man who was recording me, looks like me, reacted like me… Then I saw the pool table, swimming pool and fucking great house and thought , maybe not . Sweet bruv, fucking av it. Champions at last.

  5. CHELSEA CHAMPIONS IN MUNICH!!! And that is what I did, but I was crying at the same time 🙂

  6. I Looooove how the dogs react. They look like “what the fuck is he doing?”
    so adorably confused.

  7. if you have an xbox whats ya gt ive never met a chelsea fan on xbox

    chelsea for life

  8. Omg its this Saturday the Final i swear that day when we beat Barcelona i was crying when Torres scored i was like crying so much i got a Headache after!!!!!

  9. I was like you when he scored! I was screaming and running around the house with my friends :D:D:D:D I’m a big Torres fan

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