5 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Football’s Fallen Star?

  1. ah right right my bad my bad :P, ah i see what you mean, higher expected but as usual nothing is how you expect it to be. gonna subscribe i like a good debate XD

  2. Fernando Torres did well this season, i would say. Because he brought Chelsea to Munich since he made the winning goal against FC Barcelona in the semi-finals. Really enjoyed the video, well done! 🙂

  3. *top striker, not goal scorer. Whilst Villa is their record goal scorer, there was a time when torres was before him in the line up. The point I was making wasn’t that he was prolific for his country, but that he was expected to be.

  4. Fernando Torres was never the goal scorer ahead of villa :S David villa is Spain’s record goal scorer now I think. I agree that his confidence has suffered but Spain hardly won the world cup easily. The top goals he’s ever got at an international tournament is 3 so he’s not that prolific for his country. Main problem is Liverpool built the team around Torres where Torres moved into an already a stablished side built around the midfield

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