25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres: “At Chelsea, there’s a lot of affection, and gratitude too, towards Mourinho”

  1. why doesn’t he pronounce the syllables hard? e.g “real marid, man uniyed…”

  2. No I don’t! Anyway Messi is too small, Ronaldo has a neck like a Giraffe, but Torres is just perfect. Torres is the perfect all round footballer.

  3. the stupid thing is that u compare real players with video games…

  4. I know three year olds with a better grasp of the English language than you Pedro!

  5. I signed Torres for Barcelona (PES 2012) & sold Messi to Man Utd as I no longer needed him. Torres won us the Champions League & La Liga in his first season with Barca. I’d say that pretty much makes him the best player in the world.

  6. ok-let me put it this way..what makes fernando torres the “best” fotballer in the world??

  7. Torres is the best player in the world. Messi is 2nd. The rest don’t count.

  8. by the way he u say his the best(cause thats what u mean if u compare him with messi)-what about van persie,rooney,benzema,ibrahimovic,boriello,cavanni?..

  9. i am not a ronaldo fan though i must say ur blind if u cannot se the talent his got..

  10. LMAO @ Ronaldo. Ronaldo isn’t even in the same league as Torres or Messi.

  11. torres is an unbelivable good striker when hes at his best but its stupid to compare him with messi or c.ronaldo when they are the two best in the world…

  12. i still have faith in him, he’s such a faithful and dedicated player that i just want him to get back on form sooo badly!

  13. Who is better. Torres or Messi? I say Torres, but my mates say Messi. 

  14. no chance look at andy went he was at the toon, he was the best stiker in the league. hardly predictable when hes one on one with a headed challenge on goal he will always win it.

  15. Id swap any day, andy is a very limited player who is predictable to say the least while torres is shit at the moment, if he rediscovers his form he can be the best goalscorer in the premiership, sadly that will never happen as he will leave for spain in the summer, BTW sacking AVB was a bad move as the team is simply not good enough, drogba, terry, lampard, malouda are all finished and a major revamp is needed, also hope benitez never goes to chelsea because he will do worse

  16. fuckin hell just the tone of the way you are speakin tells everyone you know fuck all about footy, andys 22, getting into form, a real hassle in the air and great with his left foot, LFC has a reputaion for turnin footy players world class, torres is near 28 now, every one keeps saying he will become good, but its gone on too long, he hasnt been in form for two and a half years and thats a complete joke for a 50 mil man, i think hes lost that yard if pace that made him great.

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