24 thoughts on “Fernando Torres 2011/2012 – Goals / Assists for Chelsea FC

  1. fucking shit, get the fuck away from the spanish team you useless cunt! 2 easy golden chances missed.

  2. I’ve always thought that all Torres needed was more play time. I don’t understand how he didn’t play alongside Didier every game. If he played much more than he did, I bet he would have settled down at the beginning of this season.

  3. Title should be: Fernando Torres 2011/2012 – Goals / Assists / Fouls / Fails for Chelsea FC.

  4. what the fuck is wrong with torres? everytime hes on a one on one situation he tries to go around the keeper, is that the only way he knows how to score…what a dumbass (-_-)

  5. in the liverpool was a fucking machine and with spain
    yesterday he had many ocations

  6. the second song devils water, is it the original miz or do you have a remix? cant find the exact one on this video?

  7. because in portuguese league, he can do the diference alone, but i dont think so, hes not selfish at all xD

  8. You never watched a game from hulk huh? This guy is totally overrated seriously, he never, never pass the ball.

  9. Hazard plays on the left, i think mata gonna lose some space this season. Hulk is not confirmed on chelsea, but if this formation will be set, lampard can’t play as defensive mid. Just my opinion with years of experience on fifa haha

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