25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres ►Is Back◄ •2011/2012• |HD|

  1. We will have to see next season, i have been hearing these storys all season, people saying he is back. It happened when he scored his first against west ham, when he scored twice against Koninklijke Genk ( which all performances he didn’t follow another goal with). I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high, but he is looking sharper. Wish you luck though Torres keep trying. Btw its not his price tag Cr7 and Zidane did it with bigger price tags, its the club..

  2. it was cos his price tag, same with carroll. But hes getting more confident now, hes taking long shots and actually taking shots altogether. I think with drogba going it will also give him a boost because he will then become the main striker and we will probs get someone to worth with nando so he will keep playing and become a goalscorer again. 🙂

  3. Chelsea ruined him. He was great striker, almost perfect he was good in the air, with both feet, and could skill defenders at will. It sad to see him now even for a Liverpool fan. He is so scared to take his shots so he passes now, more assists than goals this year.

  4. Nadie se tiene que olvidar de lo que nos dio jugadores como Torres, lo mismo pasó con Raul, y casi nos pasa con Torres. Si un jugador nos ha dado copas y euros debe ser respetado y animado cuando tiene un bajon, y Torres se a sobrepuesto a todo y ha vuelto en forma. Solo espero que le podamos ver de rojo en la Euro. Viva Torres, viva ESPAÑA!

  5. Yeah goal drought was the only bad thing, other than that it was a good move cos i think he would rather of won the fa cup and champions league than the 2 bob cup (carling cup)

  6. Goes to Liverpool- becomes the fastest person to score 50 goals at Liverpool
    Goes to Chelsea- Has 6 month goal less drought.
    Bad move nando.. 🙁

  7. Ha,
    Goes to Liverpool – Wins nothing in 4 seasons
    Goes to Chelsea – Wins FA Cup and Champions League in 1.5 seasons

    Good move nando! 🙂

  8. I hope that he will score the winner goal in the UCL final vs Bayern Munchen

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