24 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Wolves Fernando Torres Goal

  1. haha very stupid observation. if you are a football fan, you will love him no matter what. you read too much news. they are just trying to run a business.

  2. Amazing vid mate. Thanks! I’m not surprised at how well we’re supporting Nando, and I adore him, but my patience with him is starting to wear a little. I think he’s mentally weak. We’ve bought all this attacking talent (mostly No10s!) and he still doesn’t seem happy.

  3. Love Torres and chelsea, sweet view here and great goal, glad Torres got it and great header, hoping for alot more to come. Torres deserves it more, the haters dont see his unluckyness and hard work he deserves more, it’s frustrating but I’m excited!

  4. The whole team came and hugged Torres. They know how much a single goal meant to him….Gotta love the support.

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