Chelsea recently suffered a few setbacks as they lost against Manchester City in the FA Cup and in the Premier League had to settle with a 1-1 draw against West Bromwich but despite having dropped some points, they remain at the top of the league however Demba Ba stated that Chelsea cannot afford on getting anything else than victories if they want to continue charging for the Premier League title.


Jose Mourinho is having a feud with Arsene Wenger and some coaches are suggesting that the war of words involving both the boss of Arsenal and Chelsea is affecting the squad of Jose Mourinho but according to David Luiz, his teammates and himself are unconcerned about anything else that happens outside of the club as the job of the players is to represent their club by playing matches and nothing else.


“We keep working hard every day for our job. Of course, I respect everyone, other teams, but we need to do our job. That’s it. We cannot listen to everyone, because if you listen to another coach, Chelsea don’t have just one coach, Chelsea have 10, 20, 100 coaches… everyone wants to be part of our club. And that’s natural.” David Luiz said.

The Brazilian defender of Chelsea also spoke about the upcoming World Cup as he admitted that it is his dream to perform and represent his country at such a big stage.

“It’s my dream come true if I can go to the World Cup. I was young and I saw two, three days ago pictures of me watching TV in a Brazil shirt. Now I can be inside the screen and make the world happy with my football. It’s a great opportunity for our generation, because we can win and can make history.” Luiz added.