25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres | El Niño 2012/2013 | ᴴᴰ

  1. i cried because of this, so touching :’< LOVE TORRES & BELIEVE IN HIM <3

  2. We love you Torres , we don’t mind if you sign another 5 year contract here at Chelsea <3
    Great performance today boys , Chelsea 3 Basel 1

  3. Awesome work mate, can you let me know where you get such good quality raw footages? any particular site?

  4. Hi!! this is a really great video, would you mind I borrowing and posting this on my new opened soccer blog?? I’m about to write about Torres soon. Let me know, thanks!

  5. I met him today !!!!!!!!!!!! What a privilege he was so nice <3 him more thn ever

  6. His biggest problem is that he isn’t the main man for Chelsea, meaning they don’t always look to him for goals. However back when he played for Liverpool it was virtually just him. So playing alongside two other strikers may not be the best option for Torres.

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