25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres กลายเป็นพ่อครัวด้วย Samsung

  1. ¿Creíste que el mejor truco del “Niño” Torres era dominar el balón en la
    cancha? Espera a que lo veas en la cocina para Samsung… Fernando Torres
    กลายเป็นพ่อครัวด้วย Samsung

  2. funny how it doesn’t show him scoring a goal for the things he can do

  3. Yeah mate thats why If you read the comment and not glance over it you will
    realise that it says CLUB final not INTERNATIONAL family

  4. And why does the fans do that mmmm…… Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Di
    Matteo, Didier Drogba, Rafael Benitez. Not his decisions I know, but
    greatly influenced by his not being good. And the fans did not boo him 2
    years ago or 3 months ago, what was the excuse then?

  5. His goal against Barcalona was irrelivant because chelsea were already
    going through on away goals

  6. I am a Chelsea fan and I love and support Torres from the beginning till
    the end!

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  8. every goal is an important one! plus he won the corner that led to drogba’s
    header in the cl final

  9. He scored the winning goal in the 2008 European Cup, he scored the winning
    goal against Barcelona in the Champions League semi final. So He did have
    an effect on some of those games.

  10. Torres is shit look at how many chances he missed today, 6 open chances
    none scored. Eden Hazard was our Messi today

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